Workouts That Can Make You Look Younger than Your Actual Age

Muscle gain or loss is expected with age; the total muscle accumulation in one’s body decreases approximately 30% between the ages 50 and 70. Sedentary lifestyle can lead to major muscle loss and the bodybuilding blog has listed some of the best gym exercises, which will help you in toning up your body.

Top Exercises for Body Tone-Up

There are different exercises through which, you can get a muscular and fit body; the bodybuilding blog has combined personalized ideas or information with expert knowledge for those looking for gaining muscles or losing fat in natural way, without seeking complex machinery.

Try Dumbbell Kickbacks for Toning-up the Underarms

In order to get toned underarms, bodybuilding blog recommends dumbbells kickbacks. Hold a dumbbell (initially of lesser weight may be 2-3 kgs) in your right hand and stand keeping left leg forward. Bend your elbow, bringing weight on biceps and straighten your arms by extending it toward the back.

Repeat the process 10 to 12 times for both right and left hands. If you are not comfortable using dumbbells, you can take help from chairs; sit on the edge of chairs positioning straight legs and allow your feet to touch the floor. Place the hands on the edges of the chair and slide your bottom, putting weight on hands and keep your abdomen straight.  Repeat the process for 10 times.

For a firm bosom, lie down on your stomach with hands positioned on the floor at shoulder width and legs straight behind. The hips should be kept in the same line as the back and ten reps of three sets should be done.

Exercises for Gaining Chest Weight

In order to gain chest weight, lie down with your back on the ground and with knees bent. Hold dumbbells and place your arms straight above your chest. Now, extend the arms out in a slow and controlled motion, until both arms reach the same place. Continue this process for another ten times to get unbelievable result.

Lie with your back on ground, grab the dumbbells and position them to the sides with arms bent at the elbows. Now, in a slow motion, push them upwards and come back to the original position slowly. This exercise can yield chest muscle growth.

How to Get a Flat Lower Abdominal

In order to get a flat lower abdominal, lie on your back with palms down and lift the legs and use abs muscles to roll your glutes off the ground.

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